After school adventure!!!

Since I graduated from university, I’m wondering what new project I could undertake to keep my mind busy during my free time. The idea of starting a blog has been around for a little while now. I enjoy the idea of sharing my passions; flying and cooking, as well as leaving a mark in this world other than on social media. So here I am with my first post!

As a pilot starting in the aviation industry, the most important asset one has is flying experience. Few are the companies who consider university backgrounds. Although it was important for me to complete extra education I fast forwarded the process; studied hard and flying as often as I could. I completed my last course online so I could start working full time to build that important experience faster. Honestly; this last year, from the point of view of my studies, was pretty easy.  However it took me almost a year to complete that last paper and I finished just in time to graduate at the official ceremony of the university. Procrastination is just part of every student life no matter what!

Who would believe it; now that I’m graduated and am out of school, I feel the need to stimulate my brain outside of work. I feel excited to take this project on and keep exercising my writing skills in English and French.

My blog inspiration; I like to gather my friends over for a meal. I like to try new recipes and try to impress as well as being a good host. I’m lucky, my friends are very polite by appreciating all my experiences even though plans do not always succeed as I would wish. Anyhow this is how I started to think it would be nice to gather my recipes and my many discoveries as well as sharing them with whoever is interested in my kitchen and in life.
Hope you have a good read on my blog as I start my career as a pilot.


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