Flying Stories

How did I ended up flying planes for living anyways? 
First, let’s be clear, it would have never happened without the air cadet program! Of course planes always fascinated me, but I never gave much attention to them, even after familiarization flights in helicopters, planes and gliders. I only realized I could myself become a pilot after one day an instructor let me control a glider at a familiarization flight event organized annually.
I remember coming home that night and being so excited about my day, and my new experience! In fact, I was determined to apply on the cadet’s bursary program to learn how to do soaring. As a matter of facts, I got my licence to fly gliders the next year, just before I got my driving licence!
I am a girl of challenges. I like to prove to myself I can do what I want to do and once it is achieved I need a new goal. So two summers later I applied on the other cadet’s bursary program to learn how to fly planes. I still didn’t know if I could earn my life with a pilot licence, or if I even wanted to do so. Nerveless, I jumped right in the adventure and again proved to myself I could achieve those objectives and goals I was setting to myself. I completed my private pilot licence 4 years ago now.
To that point in my life, I knew I wanted to work in the aviation industry. Without flying a plane, there is many other interesting jobs around; Air Traffic Controllers, Airline Dispatcher… Although, one comment came to my ears too many times.
‟Those who have the best job are the pilots, they are the one who get to fly everyday.″
And so I ended up thinking; let’s push that limit, let’s set a new goal, let’s complete that commercial licence. Although it wasn’t enough for me. I gave myself another challenges at the same time. Yes, I wanted to become a commercial pilot but also an important asset, to pursue in the aviation world, I was determined to improve my English skills.
Here I am, 3 years later, working as a pilot, building my experience for my next career challenge. I don’t think I’ve noticed it happened. I just was so determined to accomplish those goals I was setting to myself, one after the other. Everyone is different, and have different ambition, but it is certainly very important to try and fight to succeed. Aviation is particularly not an easy place for women to be in. I believe it takes a strong character, but everyone, girls and boys, can become pilots of it as long as they really want it.

2 thoughts on “Flying Stories”

  1. C’est un très beau commentaire marqué de beaucoup de philosophie et ce malgré ton âge. C’est vrai que l’ambition nous permet de réaliser nos objectifs et bien souvent les gens qui ont réussi sont celles ayant le plus persévéré. Bravo pour ce beau texte.

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