Another day of Flying!

Sometimes I wish I was still in school, where everything was so easy. I felt so free and accomplished while attending University. I feel that the grown up world can be pretty harsh and too full of responsibilities… you must ″know my mean″ !

When I get overwhelmed by my working environment like that, there is nothing better than a good day of flying to bring me back on track. Good weather and beautiful landscapes always makes me feel more comfortable with my career choice and my different duties to it.

I like to remind myself that I am lucky. Still pretty young and already doing a job that I like. Working hard to furthermore accomplish myself into building this amazing career. I truly wish you can say the same about your life! 

Life is not a piece of cake, but sometimes we need to eat a double portion when it is a really good chocolaty one! @mimijetwomen

Bridge on the river
Bridge on the river

Sharing with you couple new pictures of flying this week taken with a new lens. Hope you like it!

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