Summer is Coming

You know that summer is coming when… fiddle heads grow along the rivers.

Once a year, I make a point of eating this local amazing green, that reminds me of an asparagus. They are fairly easy to find at the small local grocery or on the side of the street if you have some growing in your region.

Make sure to handle and cook them properly. I rinse them carefully and boiled them in water for at least 10 min. I also change the water half way through the cooking because the water gets pretty dark in colour. I stop them from cooking by transferring them into iced-cold water because I find they get quite mushy otherwise.

You can eat them with some butter, or lemon juice. I also like them with some vinegar.

If you want to use them in some pasta or sauté, you must boiled them first! Make sure to cook them well, as it is possible to get food poisoning if under cook.


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