Late night!

Pilots always have crazy stories to tell! Well, here is my latest one!

I was on a night x-country, flying to 2 different airports and than coming back home. The moon was out, but a few high clouds around as well. Everything was going well, I was teaching to my student how to navigate at night time, following the map and making the appropriate radios calls. We were preparing ourselves for the approach at an airport about 90 nautical miles away from home. Following the appropriate procedures, in a gentle descent over the airport to join the circuit pattern or for people who know about aviation, the downwind!

Routinely we scan our instruments every few minutes to confirm normal indications. That time something caught my attention! The oil pressure was indicating lower than usual. The first reflex is always to try to understand why? In this case, the oil temperature will directly affect the pressure. But I rapidly confirm that with the oil temperature we were getting, that low pressure was not normal. I was concern about the abnormal indication, but it was not a emergency. We had no lost in power… yet. When flying at 3000 feet above the ground and at night, there is no chances to take, safety is always a priority.

How handy was that, we were over the airport. We decided to make a full landing and exit the runway. After performing a couple engine-runs, we confirmed that we could not fly the plane back that night and nobody else could without maintenance approval so we snagged the plane. Safety first! My second reflex was to call on the radio the other plane that was doing the same flight as we were. We did not wanted to spend the night alone at an unfamiliar airport!  We asked him to inform the dispatch for us about the situation. Fortunately, another plane from the school heard us on the frequency and offered to come pick us up (They had more seats available!) ! Being that late at night the temperature is not very warm yet and there is lots of weird noises around. You can’t see it, but there is so much wildlife at night… it’s probably better like that.

Thirty minutes later, our rescuer arrived and brought us home! Thanks again guys!


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