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Le meilleur Gâteau Froid de mamy

Mamy’s best cold cake!

Don’t ask me why we call it cold cake in french… but it is the direct translation!  Maybe you can help me, what would you call them in English?

Like the dominos, they are one of my weaknesses. A small bite of softness, melting in your mouth with a hint of coffee! I’m sure this is all they eat in heaven!

It is very easy to do, and it keeps well in the freezer while waiting a couple weeks for your guests!

Simply follow these few steps:

  • Crush into crumbs 40 tea cookies by first placing all the cookies in a big ziploc bag,
  • Gather some accumulated frustration and use a rolling pin as a tool to crumb the cookies,

Mix it all in a bowl with:

  • 1 lbs of icing sugar… a little over 2 cups
  • 3/4 of a cup of strong brewed coffee
  • 1 yolk …. the yellow part of the egg
  • 3 tablespoons of coco powder
  • some butter… Mamy says has big as the yolk in size
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

Push down into a large 9 X 9 Pirex container with the back of a spoon to compact well and give a smooth surface on top. Be patient, it will be sticking to the spoon!

Refrigerate at least an hour before attempting to cut it into squares or what ever shape you feel like!


Happy holidays! 



Classic Mug Cake

FYI I am a big fan of desserts, but at the same time we are all trying to eat healthier! Who isn’t these days! 

Let’s talk about the famous Mug cake! I am sure I don’t need to sell it to you: a small cake in a mug, ready in less than 5 min will light up your day! Trust me!

I have tried many different mug cake recipe from blogs and websites, but I always go back the Ricardo one. Not too sweet, very easy to make (without egg) and just delicious! Perfect for my chocolate cravings!

Here is the recipe in English 

Pour votre information, je suis une fan de desserts, mais de nos jours on essai tous de manger plus santé! 

Alors voilà, ma solution pour mes envies de chocolat, le fameux Mug cake! Un petit gâteau dans une tasse prêt en moins de 5 minutes!

J’ai essayé plusieurs recettes de différents blogs et de différents site internet mais je reviens toujours à la recette de Ricardo. Elle n’est pas trop sucré, facile, sans œuf et juste délicieusement bonne. 

Voici la recette en français 

Empty Mug!
Empty Mug! – Ma tasse vide!

Piñata Cake Party

I instantly volunteered to bring a homemade cake for my friend’s surprise party! I was looking on Pinterest to find a her a tasty cake idea when I came across a Piñata cake! it was just the perfect idea to surprise her and everyone!!! 

I also found on another blog a mint and chocolate cake recipe, which is her favorite flavour!!! I was so excited baking and icing the cake, I knew it would be a real HIT!!!

So I twisted the cake recipe a little bit, instead of adding boiling water, I put in some hot coffee. From what I understand from previous experiences, it brings out the chocolate flavor more. 

I also kept some icing apart without chocolate pieces and green coloring to do the blue letters on the cake.

Then the fun part started, we had to assemble the cake… Well, I put the cake together while my boyfriend was taking pictures around the kitchen!

Photography set up!
Photography set up!
  1. I Flatten the first cake, and remove some dough in the middle to make room for the M&M

    First layer
  2. I put icing around the edge of the little bowl in the cake and places lots of chocolates in the middle

    Icing and M&Ms
    Icing and M&Ms
  3. I Flatten the second cake and remove some more dough at the bottom of it to fit with my little mountain of M&Ms

    Second layer
    Second layer
  4. After placing the second cake on top, I put most of the icing on top and started spraying it around with a butter knife.

  5. I used tooth-pick to write in the green icing what I wanted (I could still re flatten the icing if the size or style wasn’t good before the actual final birthday icing of the cake)

  6. I finally used a decoration poach for icing and completed my previous trace, and decorated around the cake as well.


I think the cake was a real success! We had a lot of fun! and truly surprised my friend with an early birthday party!!!! 

Pinata Cake!
Pinata Cake!

Wish you amazing birthday girl!!!!