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Mom’s best smoke salmon pasta

My mom is a great cook, I often call her to get ideas, tricks or her recipes. It makes me feel more at home when I’m away.

We all love her smoke salmon pastas, and I found it a very useful recipe to jazz up left over fish.

Here is out it goes!

  • First dice an onion and some garlic that you will cook in a pan for about 5 min on medium heat or until the onion is tender.
  • Add 3/4 cup of white wine (because it is unavailable here I used powder chicken broth mixed with water). Let simmer to reduced the liquid in half.
  • Add some veggies to the pan. The easiest is frozen peas and carrots, but any of your favorite veggies will do. This time I used about 1 cup of a frozen mix of veggies and we added extra fresh peppers at the end. We cooked the frozen veggies about 10min and the fresh ones during the last 5 min only
  • The final touch is 1 cup of cream, salt and pepper.
  • I was about to forget the fish. it all depends of what you have and how you like it. I love smoke salmon as is. So I add it in just at the very end, some people like it more cooked. Also when I dont have smoke salmon I sometimes use cooked salmon or arctic char for example, and because those were already cooked I add it only at the end.

If you use real fish, don’t forget to watch for bones!





Salads recipe – Jazzed up!

To start off, I am not a very big fan of green salads, it seems too bland to me. I always like to put a lot of different things in my salads.

I think I found the secret! I’m sharing with you my perfect combination for a great salad.

  • Good romaine lettuce is always a winner for its crunchiness – I think 
  • Lots of vegetables: cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes…
  • Lots of fruits fresh or dry because they make me happy, for example: strawberries, or dried cranberries…
  • Don’t forget to go NUTS!: I love using roasted walnuts or almonds 
  •  Being cheesy makes you feel good! some feta cheese for example will add a fun dimension to a bland salad!

– The trick here is to be overly generous with all the ingredients but the lettuce!

– I also make my own salad dressing mixed in a little jar using to taste some

  • Olive oil
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Honey
  • Dijon Mustard
  • Salt and Pepper

I hope you have lot of fun Jazzin’ up your salads this summer!


My perfect beer butt chicken

So turns out my beer butt chicken was pretty awesome the other day, so I thought I could share it with you all.

First, to season the chicken I made a dry rub using these ingredients:
  • Parsley chopped
  • Chives chopped
  • Dry oregano
  • Cumin
  • Chili powder
  • Brown sugar
  • Salt
  • Crushed pepper
  • Olive oil (enough to make a paste with the herbs and spices)

The spiciness and the sweetness of the brown sugar turned out to be a very nice combination.

Second, you will need to get the chicken butt on the beer can! We previously cut off the top of the can fully open with a can opener.

The hardest part was to get the chicken to stand up with the can of beer half empty on the BBQ grill. You will probably need to get innovative here. We use some aluminum foil around to stabilize the chicken. Also don’t forget to first remove the second grill to have enough room to close the lid.

We cooked our chicken just about 1 hour 20 min or so on the BBQ with a half full beer can in the butt of the chicken.

It was delicious!

THE Beer Butt Chicken
THE Beer Butt Chicken

Curry, don’t worry!

Back to some cooking after a few weeks of laziness! You can guess what was my work schedule like lately… pretty busy! I also had some vacation time, pictures will come soon too!

This is my Saturday night dinner. Great thing, sometime annoying about being a pilot is that the scheduling is certainly not conventional. Planes must fly fly fly!!!

Tonight on the menu folks, we have some Indian/ Pakistani curry. A year ago two of my friends came over to cook and they showed me how they cooked their curry. My apologies, my own curry is probably not very authentic. I looked online and kept inspiring me with different mix of spices as well as trying to remember their North-West Asian techniques.

I really enjoy this kind of recipe because I can just use what ever veggies I have in my fridge that week, and I always keep a can of diced tomatoes around. So it is super easy to improvise and a good way to have lunch for the work days.

Here is what I did.

Ingredients list:

  • 1 onion-chopped
  • 3 cloves of garlic-minced
  • 1 inch of fresh ginger root-grated
Spicing things up!
Spicing things up!
  • 1 teaspoon of garam massala
  • 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon, Pakistani chili powder, turmeric, coriander
  • 1/4 teaspoon of cardamon.
  • 3 tablespoons of curry paste
All the others:
  • 1 can of dice tomatoes
  • 1-2 cups of water
  • 3 chicken breast cut in small pieces
  • 2 carrots
  • 3 old potatoes
  • 2 sticks of celery
  • 1 bell pepper
  • 2 tablespoons of tomato paste
  • 1/2 cup of 35% creme (it was just sitting in my fridge… like the old potatoes)


I first cooked the onions in some oil for around 5 minutes on medium high heat.


I added all the spices and cooked about 2 min before adding the can of tomatoes.

Spices and Tomatoes
Spices and Tomatoes

After it came to a boil, I added the chicken, all the veggies and some water enough to cover all the food.

I let everything simmer for about 30 to 45 min. Adding the tomato paste half way through. Also to help thicken the sauce I removed some potatoes and mashed them on a plate and put them back in the sauce.


It was ready when I confirmed the chicken was all cooked and I got the texture sauce I liked. I finally added the cream… like I said just because it was sitting in the fridge and I had nothing else to do with it.

I served the curry with rice and my favorite yogurt cilantro sauce.

  • Plain thick yogurt
  • chopped fresh cilantro
  • lime juice
Yogurt, cilantro and lime
Yogurt, cilantro and lime

Quantities as you wish, I just put a lot of cilantro and about a teaspoon of lime juice for maybe 1/3 of a cup of yogurt.

Hope you enjoy, we certainly did!

Empty plates!

Fries or Chips?!?

That we are in North America or on the other side of the ocean, those fried potatoes are such a guilty pleasure. I always make mine in the oven and I think it make me feel better about it! But it is still probably not the most healthy side you can have with your dinner.

Here are my 2 favorites way to make them. After cutting the potatoes in the shape I want

  • I mix them in 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise and add some paprika with it (I use a plastic bag to mix it all uniform)
  • Or I mix them with some olive oil, dry thyme, oregano, garlic powder and cayenne pepper in a big boil

Bake the potatoes on a cookie sheet at 400F for about 20-30 min depending on the size of your pieces! Don’t forget to turn them half way through the cooking process.

The picture represent the second options and I think I went heavy on the cayenne that night!

Fancy Salmon and Salad!

In the past year, I’ve lost the taste of salad… They felt boring to me and very time consuming in order to do it right. 
This week, I remembered how I liked to make my salads; with lot more veggies and fruits than the lettuce itself and I topped it with some salmon I cooked in the pan. 
I jazzed up my salad with celery, cucumber, peppers and apples I found in the fridge. I even add some chopped cilantro. As I cooked the salmon I added a tablespoon of maple syrup for the last few minutes on the heat. Finally, I made my own dressing with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, Dijon mustard, lemon juice, sugar, salt and pepper.
It was not perfect but it gave me a reason to take the camera out! 

Salmon Salad

Perfect Roasted Chicken! recipe by Heston Blumenthal

I found this recipe while watching a TV show. Be ready, this method takes a lot of preparation before getting it on the table but it is SO WORTH IT! I’ve try it twice and the chicken was juicy and very tender! 🙂

  • First, you need to soak the chicken in salted water overnight. About 80g of salt dissolved in 4 cups (1 liter). If you need more water keep the same proportion for salt. Heston said it has to be a 8% salty solution.
  • Second, rinse the chicken, place a lemon inside with some thyme spice (or what ever you like) and rub the skin with butter. Patience come into play here. The chicken must be cook very slowly; 3 to 4 hours. In fact, I preheat my oven to a max of 175 F and cooked the chicken until an internal temperature of 165 F (as recommended by government).

Note: Heston real recipe is a bit different about oven and internal temperatures; I was more conservative following general rules as I was a bit scared of under cooking the chicken and possibly getting sick.

  • Third, after the chicken is cooked to the internal temperature, remove the chicken from the over and let it cool down on the counter for about 45 min.
  • Finally, put the chicken back into the oven preheated to about 450 F to roast the chicken. Keep an eye on it, so the chicken change color but do not burn; about 10 min will do.

It is now time after this long process to enjoy the chicken! Let me know how you did and how good was the chicken! 🙂

My Salmon and Corn dinner

Last night we had salmon for dinner with some corn on the cob on the BBQ. So yummy!!!!
Here is roughly how I did it!
We cooked the Salmon in an aluminium foil on the BBQ. I first put some 3 fruits marmalade on the salmon, some green onions finely chopped, some steak spices and salt and pepper! That easy!!!
Here is what was left over of the dinner (I forgot to take a picture before we ate)
Yummy BBQ Salmon
Yummy BBQ Salmon
For the Corn, I jazzed it up a little. I found this idea on a cooking show on TV but I can’t remember which one now… sorry. This different way of cooking it on the BBQ is delicious, you can ask my boyfriend! He doesn’t what anything else anymore!
It is super simple, just rub the corn with some mayonnaise mix with chili powder and paprika to your taste and put it straight on the grill, until cooked! You can splash some lime juice on top if you want to give it even more of a summery taste!
Jazzed up corn on the BBQ
Hope you enjoy!!!